Aluminum Portable Stages Prefered By Most.

Time:Thu,05,2013 Editor:admin
Portable stages materials can vary a lot, but most modern portable stages manufacturer use either steel or aluminum as their top choice, both have their advatanges and weakness, so how should you choose?

First, why would I need portable stages?

Portable stages, or aluminum stage, are the movable, fast installable stage platforms that you can build up a staging area whenever and wherever you want, it is a must-have equipment for those who constant hold events or concerts that needs a tempory stage.
Portable stages
Portable stages

Steel or Aluminum?

Steel stages are mainly made of steel, it is heavier than aluminum, and if it's not stainless steel, it has a chance of getting rusty, however, steel is a much steadier material compared to aluminum, normally it holds a higher pressure per square.
Aluminum stages are much lighter, which is the major reason why people choose it, besides that, the aluminum material makes it rust free. Averagely speaking, aluminum staging is less expensive than most other materials.

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