How To Build A Portable Stage

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How To Build A Portable Stage?
Nowadays,the portable stage is becoming more popular and more popular. Comparing with the traditional stage,the portable stage is cheaper and lighter. Because of the advantages,portable staging is usually used for a variety of purposes, such as holiday celebrations, graduations, music performances and plays.

Build a portable stage can be very easy!What you need to prepare are stage platforms and stage risers!

portable stage platforms and risers

Step 1:Unfold Portable Stage Risers and Place the Stage Platform on Risers
portable stage

Step 2:Remove the enclosed hex key from the portable stage platform and lock the stage platform and riser together
portable stage

Step 3:Align portable stage decks
portable stage

Step 4:Lock the same height stage platforms together
portable stage

Step 5:User riser clamps to lock risers
portable stage

Step 6:Stacking riser for greater heights using stacking kits
portable stage

After all these steps,you can get a durable portable stage,just like this one.
portable stage
Of courer,you can decorate your stage with some stage skirts!
portable stage system

Now,you finish building a portable stage!