Wooden portable dance floor for event

Time:Mon,04,2019 Editor:Kevin

RK dance floor is with high durability,easy to set up and takedown and safe. Among the most popular dance floors are those with either a wood or laminate surface. While a wood parquet dance floor floor might achieve a design preference, this surface can withstand punctures from high heels and is not easy to be damaged and scratched.
One of the most important issues to consider is whether the floor can be installed or disassembled easily. A 20ft x 20ft RK dance floor can be setup or taken down in less than six minutes!
Edge ramp design is a key safety factor. Look for edge ramps that are made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum and span across seams to lock adjacent panels to each other. Dance floors with edge ramps provide the additional security needed to prevent floor separation.

RK dance floor